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Where do I go for help?

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popperdoodles Sun 24-Jan-16 08:34:52

Our youngest ds is 9 and I am worried about him. He is so emotional extreme highs and lows, looses control and has big meltdowns. He has various obsessions and rituals which I ha always thought to be fairly normal but I have noticed they are getting . At school he behaves reasonably well and the only concerns they have raised was about his eating ( I told them to back off and leave him alone and things improved).
My worry is that if there is a problem it will likely get worse when hormones start up I'm a few years time. I fear for his future mental health. We have a history amongst the males in my family and having lost a brother to suicide it scares me alot.
Do I need to go through school or doctor? Will they even be interested because it is not interfering with learning yet.

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