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How do I help my frustrated 12 mo??

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Armywifelife Fri 22-Jan-16 12:38:43

DS started walking about 5 weeks ago and is now doing pretty well in that he is quite sturdy and doesn't fall as much. My huge problem is that he will not get up by himself. He's 100% strong enough as if I hold two fingers out he will pull up on them or do what he normally does and pull on my top when I'm sat next to him and gets up. This means that if I have to sit him on the floor to go and do something he screams and screams until I go and stand him up (he doesn't crawl just shuffles around a bit so won't follow me). What I'm wondering is am I making it worse by constantly getting him up every time he starts screaming or should I somehow help him figure it out? I have spent forever by the sofa/walker trying to encourage and teach him but after months he's just not getting it. Any help appreciated!

porsmork Fri 22-Jan-16 21:10:07

Hi, this sounds familiar. My 13 month old started walking at 11.5 months, but couldn't crawl, or pull himself up by himself. I got very frustrated having to lift him, or have him climb up me. I think the issue was he was really strong with his legs, but not upper body. I'd love to tell you I found a way to 'teach' him, but really, he just needed time to develop the strength in his core, and his arms. He started crawling at the same time as walking. If you think he might be similar, maybe try giving him heavyish things to carry once he's on his feet (like a can or milk container with rice or water in) to improve arm strength and balance?

Armywifelife Sat 23-Jan-16 10:23:16

Thank you porsmork, it does sound familiar! That's a great idea I would never have thought of that.
It's so hard, every time I sit him on the floor he just screams no matter what toys etc he has! I'm also pregnant and have hyperemesis so I feel so ill which isn't helping. I feel bad because he's so frustrated but he used to be so good at entertaining himself for short periods!

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