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Sudden behaviour that is out of character (sleep, food, ...)

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dodi1978 Wed 20-Jan-16 21:55:39

I have a 2.5 year old DS who, so far, has been an excellent sleeper (I have often boasted about him on Mumsnet). We have had the same bedtime routine more or less since day dot - bad, bed, bottle/cup and story, lights out at about 8pm. Never had any issues. Good sleeper also for naps since he was very young.
Recently he has started dropping naps during the daytime at weekends. Fair enough, he is that sort of age, and he also sleeps longer in the morning on weekends (till about 8/8.30 as opposed to 6.30 during the week - we both work full time and he goes to nursery).
Since just after Christmas, he seems to have real problems settling in the evening. This is the second evening in a row now that he is still not sleeping (it's 21.48) despite being in bed for 8 o clock. He iis currently signing "Bob the builder - yes he can!" and chatting about his diggers.
The second issue is food. He has always been a picky eater at home, but normally eats almost anything he is offered at nursery. Since Christmas, he often does not eat with us at all in the evening unless we are doing one of his absolute favourites. Fair enough, though, as he eats two breakfasts and lunch / tea at nursery, we weren't that bothered, and don't want to make dinner a battle. Dinner tends to be quite late (6.30 at the earliest), again because of working full time. However, he often has huge temper tantrums whilst we eat and don't pay him much attention.
We are now at a bit of a loss of what to do. We have now been thinking of just giving him a small snack when we come in at night, with one of us doing bedtime and one of us getting him to bed. That would get him to bed much earlier, but we wouldn't be spending any quality time with him.
On the other hand, our bedtime routine has worked since the very start so I am not sure about changing it. I also want it to be normal that he eats with us... or should I just not be worried too much?
Any thoughts welcome...

TheHouseOnTheLane Thu 21-Jan-16 03:43:41

It sounds like Christmas has worked a number on him. I wouldn't change anything about the routine because it sounds fine for his age....if he's not eating his dinner that's just one of those things. Like you I have never stressed about fussy eating and both mine have come out of those fussy phases just fine.

Continue to offer him his meal....have him sitting with you as normal and try to have one element of something you know he enjoys in each meal. I used to make sure there was something my fussy DD it a tiny portion of pasta on the side of her roast meal...or some cucumber and carrots cut up raw for her...and that way you know he's eaten something.

It sounds like he wants attention more than anything and is adjusting to home after his day at nursery.

What is the routine when you get in with him?

If you don't sit with him one on on but are rushing about cooking etc. I would make time to help him wind down from his day...have a "getting home routine" which he will enjoy and then he might begin to relax at meals again.

ChrisBrooks25 Thu 21-Jan-16 08:35:18

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dodi1978 Thu 21-Jan-16 19:55:11

Thanks, everybody! I like the idea of a getting home routine, but that's tricky to do due to cooking and my husband is often stuck in traffic. I am trying to give him as much attention as I can, with cooking etc.

Well, talked to his nursery key worker this morning. She suggested that they could try to wake him a bit earlier from his lunchtime nap, which I was quite happy with as he usually takes mega-naps at nursery (as I said, at home he has all but dropped them).
In the end, they actually didn't let him go to sleep at all - instead he went to the preschoolers room after lunch. Was quite happy when I picked him up, but fell asleep in the car on way home and was grumpy at home. Little dinner.
However, he is now in bed and fell asleep after only a five minute moan. We'll see how it goes from now.

One success this morning was a poo on the potty... so all in all a good day!

dodi1978 Thu 21-Jan-16 20:01:03

Also to add that he was in bed at least 45 minutes earlier than normal - he was shattered! That may not always be possible though, but I had the chance to leave work early today.

TheHouseOnTheLane Fri 22-Jan-16 06:47:17

I've begun batch cooking all I need to do is get something from the freezer and maybe make a salad to go with it. Yes, it takes time from your weekend but I make it into a fun thing by having wine and it's quite good because it's all done and you don't need to think!

dodi1978 Fri 22-Jan-16 10:22:24

I do lots of batch cooking already, but some things still take time to heat up...

Getting DS to eat anything I cook ... another matter. Picky eater.

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