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21mo become clingy- developmental phase?

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Joneseygirl77 Wed 20-Jan-16 08:45:06

My DD turned 21mo last week and has started to become clingy again at nursery drop offs. She's been going to the same nursery for about 12 months and there haven't been any changes in key worker/ nursery staff etc. No changes at home either. She was quite clingy when she first started nursery at drop offs but it eased within a couple of weeks. Can't get my head round why it's started up again. She's hanging onto our legs as we leave and has also started to cry when we go whereas previously she'd happily walk off and wave. Only change I can think of some of her friends have moved into the bigger room. She's due to move next month though.

Is there a developmental leap at this age? I used to follow wonder weeks and found it helpful but it stops at 18mo. Any ideas anyone?

Ferguson Wed 20-Jan-16 19:14:12

I'm not sure that I believe in these so called 'developmental leaps' - our DS is now 32 Years old, and I don't think 'leaps' were in fashion when he was a toddler!

I always claim as babies and toddlers mature, they become more aware of their environment, and maybe around 18 months or two years, they start to realise that they might be able to exert some INFLUENCE over their life. For two years they have had no control in their life - adults get them up, dress them, undress them, feed them, then at the end of the day bath them, and put them back to bed.

At 20 months or so they realise: "This isn't how life has to be; I want to have a bit of CONTROL for myself".

Try to be as patient and supportive as you can, and I don't doubt things will soon improve.

Joneseygirl77 Thu 21-Jan-16 07:47:13

Thanks Ferguson.

We are trying and we do trying and give her choices as much as we can. Hoping it's just a phase and do wonder if it's down to some of her friends moving rooms. She saw some of them last night as we were leaving nursery and her face lit up. They were holding hands through the gate.

She's started having nightmares too and also her napping is a bit inconsistent- some days 30mins others 1 hour and 20 so presume it's all a phase as were getting closer to her turning 2.

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