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Fab nine year old when not attacking violently/running away

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Thatchedroof Mon 18-Jan-16 23:36:37

Don't really know what I am wondering, whether anyone else has one similar I suppose. DS2 is bright, talented and slightly quirky. He has always had quite a temper and been very hard to disrupt from what he is doing, he can quite quickly become defiant and then just looses the plot. This happens rarely but he can be very violent physically and can try to run away. When he starts to kick off we lock the doors and hide the keys after an incident in the summer where he went for over an hour at night, police SS informed, full dramatics...
He is our family tricky one, the others easier going, less dramatic, more flexible but he is in the main great, trustworthy, untidy and creative - the usual kinds of mixed traits.
He does get sanctions but in the heat of the moment would never care and afterwards will always think them reasonable, he just really struggles to keep a lid on his emotions/control his behaviours - I fear for what happens in the next five years or so.
Anyone got ideas or cheerful tales of children who outgrew their violent runaway tendencies.

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