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Speech therapist in Teddington/ Twickenham area

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Chocolatdreams Mon 18-Jan-16 21:02:15


Does anyone know of a good speech therapist that they or a friend may have used in the above area.

I am looking for my 3 year old ds. Got a bit messed around when trying get to book one from the astlip website.

Also I am a bit wary that you don't actually meet with the person before handing over £185 for them to do an assesment.

Just want one that is good with some background information. I am also willing to travel if the recommendations are good.

Brookville Tue 19-Jan-16 20:13:36

We were referred through our son's nursery at the time and it was free on the NHS. If your child's nursery can't get you a referral can you do it through your GP? The SALT team are based on Queen's Rd in Teddington, behind the Memorial Hospital. You could always pop into the reception area and ask.

Chocolatdreams Tue 19-Jan-16 21:03:55

This is my first post so very sorry. I see I should of added more info. I saw my go who referred me through the NHS. We saw a speech therapist who assessed him and agreed he needed therapy so booked him in for 4 sessions in about 2 months time.

She also referred him to have a pediatric assessment but told me the waiting list is so long I wouldn't hear for at least 6 months minimum. So I thought I better get my butt in gear and get him the help he needs or at least try to find how I can help him more.

He has some autistic traits. He scripts and stims alot and tends to be in his own world a lot too. He especially did this at her assessment I think because he felt uncomfortable. He knows plenty of words he just doesn't put them together in expressive language. He also asks the question when he wants something. Like if he wants bread he will say "want some bread?". So he can ask for what he wants just as the question. He has echolalia and will repeat things he hears. He has great understanding. Can do what I ask of him.

He is due to start a nursery next week and has been home with me all this time. I have just thought the things he has been doing are his little quirks.

Do you think I am jumping the gun getting a private therapist and should hold off and see what happens with NHS? I thought the early you get something done the better.

Chocolatdreams Tue 19-Jan-16 21:05:44

Also he starts pre school in September.

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