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xxklf Mon 18-Jan-16 20:21:07

Around a year ago my son was diagnosed with dyslexia, during the assessment it was suggested that he should also be tested for ADHD/ADD. Up until this time it had never crossed my mind, he has no behavioural problems and he is not disruptive. He does have issues with concentration and focus, has really poor memory, struggles to sit still and can be quite down on himself when anything goes wrong. We've had several appointments with a paediatrician who feels that there is likely ADHD.

Everything I've read so far about children with ADHD points towards children with behavioural problems and parents at the end of their tether - this isn't us. We're on our second type of medication and I have really mixed feelings about whether I'm doing the right thing. Friends and family are very quick to say he definitely doesn't have ADHD which makes me feel terrible about giving him medication.

Does anybody else have experience of children with ADHD where behaviour is not an issue?

Mamamoose1 Mon 18-Jan-16 21:52:53

My son who is 9 is waiting to see an educational psychologist, he too struggles to focus and lacks attention and concentration. He also has tic disorder, possibly Tourette's, which is closely related to ADD/ADHD. I however, won't put my son on medication no matter what the diagnosis, he doesn't have behavioural problems, he's kind and very affectionate. Yes he may find learning a struggle, but we too will support him at home the best we can. I think there are many children who are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD that don't have behavioural problems. I hope that helps a little smile

rhetorician Mon 18-Jan-16 22:46:09

my DD turned 7 today and also being assessed for ADHD (amongst other things) - she isn't disruptive either, although sometimes does really struggle socially. But she is hugely inattentive and her concentration is pretty poor

Eva50 Tue 19-Jan-16 14:27:06

Ds1 (20) has ADHD and ds3 (9) has ADD, neither of them have behavioural problems. Ds1 was very impulsive and would act without thinking which caused a few problems but not bad behaviour as such. Ds3 is always very well behaved and if it hadn't been for ds1's diagnosis I would not have realised ds3 had it.

Crusoe Tue 19-Jan-16 18:37:31

My ds has ADHD and I don't think his behaviour is bad. He is impulsive, finds transitions hard, lacks some social skills and struggles with keeping still and paying attention. All of that makes him frustrating to be with sometimes but it is not naughty behaviour. Outsiders may see it differently as for example he interrupts a lot, can be bossy and controlling but those are things he currently can't help, they are not naughty. At home he follows the rules, he doesn't do naughty things but is demanding as well as kind and loving. School is hard for him but again he isn't naughty but displays behaviours that others might think is the result of poor parenting or naughtiness.

xxklf Tue 19-Jan-16 19:19:37

Thank you, can I ask what treatment you guys have chosen? I'm not being offered any alternatives to medication despite asking, I just wonder what your experiences have been.

Eva50 Wed 20-Jan-16 17:40:55

Ds1 takes concerta XL 36mg. He starts Ritalin at 7 as, although clearly very bright, he wasn't doing well at school, his self esteem had disappeared and the teacher was getting fed up with my lack of parenting skills him. He started the Concerta after a year He was on 54mg for his last few years at secondary school and then had a year off medication. He really struggled and decided himself to restart @36mg to go to university. He didn't get much support in school (I wish I had pushed more) but has had some help at Uni and is doing well.

Ds3 is not nearly as badly affected and I am more clued up now. I was working full time until 2 years ago but am now a SAHM with ds3 (I have some health problems and couldn't manage both). I find trying to keep him on task a full time job in itself. I wouldn't consider medication for him as although I think he would get some benefit from it I think he will do ok without it and he isn't having the problems ds1 was having.

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