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How many songs does your 3 year old know?

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strawberrybubblegum Fri 15-Jan-16 21:48:46

I have no worries - just curious!

I don't think DD (just turned 3) has an unusually good memory. I know several children who recite whole books, which DD has never done - she will occasionally pretend to read one, but will paraphrase rather than recite.

But she often spontaneously starts singing songs - I counted 5 which she was word perfect on (some quite complicated) and at least another 10 which she had a good bash at (independently, not joining in singing with someone).

Do they all do that?! I find myself constantly amazed! Not that I think DD is unusual, but development at this age is just awe-inspiring grin

Ferguson Sat 16-Jan-16 18:58:41

What sort of songs does she sing? Do you mean songs from playgroup, Cbeebies, TV adverts, and other commonly heard tunes?

When our DS was little his mum and I were both learning (trying) to play the electronic organ. DS started to 'play' from a year or two old, and by five was picking out tunes and starting to read music from a tutor book.

So if you can, expose her to a wide range of SUITABLE music, and ideally give her the opportunity to have an instrument - a Keyboard with at least 61 full size keys is best - a small xylophone or glockenspiel, or alternatively, real or 'domestic' percussion, so she can develop her awareness and enjoyment of music. Three is an ideal age to start making 'informal' music, but I wouldn't recommend 'formal' lessons until at least six or seven.

(Do a MN Search on my name, as I have replied many times on music topics.)

RhubarbAndMustard Sat 16-Jan-16 19:15:05

DS is 3.5 and he can sing lots of nursery rhymes and kids songs independently. He learnt 5 songs for his nursery Christmas sing along in a week. Quite often he'll launch into Adele or Taylor Swift which he's picked up from the radio- that always amazes me. I think they are like sponges at this age.

strawberrybubblegum Sun 17-Jan-16 00:03:05

Rhubarb - 5 songs in a week?! That is AMAZING!!

I'm just talking about nursery rhymes. When I say complicated, I mean including ones like 'The big ship sailed' as well as 'twinkle twinkle'. I haven't heard her sing songs from the radio yet. Maybe my expectations are too low grin

odyssey2001 Sun 17-Jan-16 08:46:18

None. Still struggling at 5. Has maybe two despite lots of exposure.

poocatcherchampion Sun 17-Jan-16 08:51:37

Loads in English and French. But they recite too.

Children are awesome aren't they

RhubarbAndMustard Mon 18-Jan-16 18:58:10

They were quite repetitive songs though Strawberry grin. Jingle bells, When Santa got stuck up the chimney, Rudolf the red nose reindeer, etc. Thinking about it, he probably knew most of the words beforehand!

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