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Any other 4-5 year old not sleeping?

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moochy1 Fri 15-Jan-16 14:17:48

Our soon to be 5 year old daughter basically stopped sleeping at Christmas, it started with illness and being scared of being alone at night and has got worse and worse. So she comes in to our room every night now and if we don't let her sleep in with us she gets hysterical, or we spend all night in her room reassuring her & sitting her. Through exhaustion we've just given in recently but this week instead of coming to us at 3am it's got to the point where as soon as she hears us going to bed she starts wailing to come in with us. We've tried things like rewards, taking things away, charts, all the usual things but nothing has helped one jot.

I would really like to sort this out without causing her distress, I just can't leave her to cry, she gets so upset she is almost sick and hyperventilating - has anyone been here and come out the other side with a gentle approach? Help me please 😔

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