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Behavioural problem in 3 year old.

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MummyEA2701 Fri 15-Jan-16 09:30:08

Hi there. I'm new to net mums. Joined because I wanted advice from other mums about a problem with my 3 year old little girl.
She is EXTREMELY temperamental and will become very angry/upset over hardly anything. She wakes up every morning screaming at the top of her lungs and when I go to her she calms down but is still crying for up to 15mins until I've got her breakfast. The weird thing is that as soon as I've got her breakfast or put the tv on for her she is instantly calm. Like nothing ever happened.
When strangers out and about say hello to her she will scream at them very loudly when the person was only being nice. But again, this is weird when sometimes (although very rarely) she will be fine with a stranger and say hello. I keep thinking could it be a communicative issue but she is fully capable of communicating with people if she wants to. She just chooses not to. Is this anti social behaviour anything to worry about?
She is extremely temperamental all of the time and comes across as very mean to certain people. She never wants to know my dad (her grandad) even though he is always very nice to her. She is also the same with my husband sometimes. Like I said, she is just so temperamental that you never know what mood she will be in when you speak to her. She has always been the same and I keep thinking she will grow out of it but it seems to be getting worse than better. She is very loved by everybody and my husband and I are always trying to show her love and affection which is often rejected. She starts nursery in a couple of months which may improve the problem but I'm also nervous to send her if she may have difficulty interacting with people. She is also quite naughty at times and won't listen to my authority or anyone else's. I'm just scared at how she is going to cope with going to nursery and how the staff may cope with her in return as she can be very difficult.
I want to get to the bottom of the problem at the moment because my youngest daughter who is 18 months and so different to my eldest (happy and freindly all the time) is starting to copy traits from my 3 year old such as the screaming and yesterday, said hello to a lady whilst out and about but when my eldest began to scream at the woman, then so did my youngest to copy her. I don't want these bad habits to be passed on again. I just don't understand why she is the way she is as like I said before she is very loved and supported.
I have found that she has been slow on certain developmental stages. She was slow to talk and still isn't out of nappies. She just won't even begin to try to go on the potty or toilet and becomes very agitated and upset if we persist a little. Because she also won't tell us if her nappy is wet or if she has done a poo, she will just leave it in her nappy which can't feel very nice.
Anyway, any advice would be appreciated. Not sure if it's a behavioural problem or some kind of learning difficulty or is this just her personality and as she grows she will realise that she can't act this way towards people.
Sorry for such a lot of info.

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