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Help me - Separation Anxiety

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NigellaEllaElla Wed 13-Jan-16 09:08:50

Hi, My. 6yr old DD has suddenly, in the past week developed a severe separation anxiety. It's breaking my heart and I don't know what to do to help her.

She cried at bedtime when it's time for me to leave her room after a story, she cries if I pop out but worst of all she is crying as she goes into school each morning and the teacher is having to almost prise her off me whilst she's screaming for me. It's awful.

I am positive there is nothing going on at school, she is very vocal and shares everything. She just says she misses me too much and doesn't want to be without me. I've tried bribes (treat after school if you go in nicely, friend to tea etc) I've tried loads of reassurance etc too.

She says she tries but she can't promise me she won't cry cause she can't help it sad

Any advice? I'm worried it will kind of form into a habit and be even trickier to break the pattern.

MerdeAlor Wed 13-Jan-16 15:10:49

Give her what she needs, as much closeness as she's asking for. That will reduce her anxiety and she will separate when she is ready.
Talk to her teacher about it too, they'll understand and have seen it before.

starpatch Thu 14-Jan-16 22:14:32

We have been seeing a child psychotherapist for separation anxiety which is helping us. I used the www.child website, our one does brief intervention so a lot cheaper.

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