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Growth spurt?? Advice

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SnowWhite26 Tue 12-Jan-16 20:48:49

My baby is 3 months today. She normally has a bath about 6 is falls asleep about 6.30-7.We dream feedher then she generally sleeps anywhere between 4.30 and 6.These last couple of days in the day she has been want 3 hr feeds not her normal 4 hr feeds and taking about an oumce less than normal. Today she had about an hours nap this morn then fell asleep at 3. I got her up at 5 coz i wanted to feed her at her normal time and she was very dozy. She went straight back to sleep and even when given a bath was sleepy all the way through. She went to bed at 6 and is fast asleep. Could this be a growth spurt? I am dreading tonight but hope she will still sleep help! smile

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