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DD has fever on and off -teething or something else

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hartmel Tue 12-Jan-16 14:08:13

My DD is 1.2 years old and since Sunday she has fever on and off.
I noticed that she is cutting 4 molar teeth at the moment.
She is sleeping through the night but during the day she wants to be in my arm and sometimes I notice she gets really hot and I take tempi and it is 38/39 degrees. And that is usually before she gets tired and wants a nap (but only in my arms) and when she wakes up she has no fever but is still clingy.

We currently have visitors and my in laws are here from oversea (they are staying at my BIL place but the visitors are staying with their 3 kids at our place) and they want constantly get together mostly at my BIL as his wife gave birth 1 1/2weeks ago! But I don't want to go there because of DD on and off fever. Now I'm the bad one because I'm ruining everything

Now my question is, is it normal when kids are teething to have on and off fever through out the day and night? My oldest never had this problem'
Or should I get worried and see a doctor due to a risk of an infection!

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