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9 month old separation anxiety

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SparklyTinselTits Mon 11-Jan-16 11:31:12

Hi all,
My DD is almost 9mo. She's generally a very happy baby, eats well, sleeps well. But the last few weeks, she has become uber clingy and uber whingy.
She's not ill, her temperature is perfectly normal and I took her to the doctors as she was whingy all the time and I thought possibly an ear infection or something, but doctor had given her a perfect bill of health.
She's eating very well (normal day consists of 6oz bottle, breakfast, 6oz bottle and small snack mid morning, lunch, 6oz bottle and a small snack mid afternoon, dinner + pudding, and 8oz bottle before bed), so she's not hungry.
She doesn't seem to have any digestive issues, poos are perfectly normal.
So my last thought is the fabled 9 month separation anxiety!
If she is in the room with me, all she wants to do is climb all over me, whinging and moaning as she does it, and if I don't immediately pick her up, she goes into tantrum mode, no tears, just noise!
I try to distract her with toys, but she will be interested for a few minutes and then start whinging at me again. When I do pick her up, she will stay with me for a few minutes, starts whinging and leaning towards the floor, but then I put her down and she starts the cycle again! She is the same when her dad is around too.
It's very strange. I'm just looking for some advice from others who have experienced similar?
Do I just have to grin and bear it until she grows out of it? Or does anyone have any magic tricks that I can try to distract her?

AppleSetsSail Mon 11-Jan-16 11:33:16

My youngest is now 10 so consider taking this with a grain of salt, but I recall 9 months as being pretty much the height of stranger anxiety. It's hard work but it will pass!

SparklyTinselTits Mon 11-Jan-16 11:39:23

tHanks Apple

It's as if she thinks I'm going to disappear into thin air if she's not clinging to me!
I'm a worrier, so I automatically think there must be something wrong blush

AppleSetsSail Mon 11-Jan-16 11:44:26

I think this might be the crux of separation anxiety - they don't understand that you are coming back.

I believe I had some success with overindulging it to the point where my son was a bit fed up with me, but I was at work 4 days a week so I had plenty of opportunity to top up my patience levels.

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