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Kotiro09 Thu 07-Jan-16 09:05:06

I don't know what to do I have an 8 mnth old that is quite aggressive she screams tills shes blue in the face and hits people faces. She's never been like this. I have tried the stern "no" but that seems to infuriate her more. We now live with her grandmother who is quite aggressive as well can my baby be copying her behavior if so is there ANY advice on how to change her back its really stressing me out!

luckiestgirlintheworld Thu 07-Jan-16 09:53:34

What makes her scream and hit? Could you just not do things that make her kick off, or are they non negotiables?

I'd say she's too young to be copying behaviour. More likely she's feeling unstable and vulnerable because of the recent move? I'm no expert though!

Kotiro09 Thu 07-Jan-16 20:37:07

its with anything atm I've tried distracting her and moving her away from whats made her cranky. I hope its just the move or I'll be pulling my hair out soon.

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