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Mandyq101 Wed 06-Jan-16 16:33:57

Hi all...

I have a 3 year old boy. We are people that likes to play pc games, so my son have been exposed to it since birth and would sit on my husbands lap while he would play competitive games. Most of them consisted of fighting something or someone. Now my son is very violent and would hit us or would play with bread knifes he goes and get in the kitchen. He is been acting up alot and throws out stuff like baby powder and so on.Today he poke wholes in his trampoline with a screwdriver . Do anyone have advice on what I can do to make him behave better? He is an only child and Iam a stay at home mom so he doesnt go to school.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance

Kleinzeit Wed 06-Jan-16 19:23:09

The pc games are unlikely to be the source of the problem, except that your son should not have to share all his father’s attention with a game that he doesn’t understand and can’t join in. Does his father talk to him and play age-appropriate games with him as well?

Your DS should not be able to get at sharp knives or screwdrivers. Put them out of his reach or in a cupboard with a child-proof lock.

Give him plenty of things that he can throw safely and plenty of time outside playing ball and similar games. Keep him busy and active, his aggression may be due to boredom or not having enough outlets for his physical energy. If he can’t spend much active time with you then maybe he needs to spend a few hours a week at a nursery or playgroup.

You can give him a three minute “time out” for any physical aggression against you or DH – this will work best if he is getting plenty of friendly and playful attention from you both at other times.

Hope this helps!

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