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Help! I've got a werewolf in my house!

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emmaporter Tue 05-Jan-16 00:39:24

So he doesn't actually get hairy and sprout claws and go on the rampage, but my 10 year old completely loses the plot and becomes a very unpleasant person to live with for a couple of days leading up to a full moon. Then, without any warning, he suddenly starts being a rather sweet boy again.

Don't get me wrong, this is an awkward, melodramatic boy who has trouble thinking before he acts and can't bear anything that might appear to be unfair to him (two younger brothers, so that's a lot of the time) but he's usually quite helpful and chatty and funny. The rest of the month. The change is really rather dramatic.

I've only spotted the correlation to the moon phase the last two months, and I'm not really into all that stuff, but the complete and utter change in his temperament is so evident. It's hard to remember that he was actually a sweet little boy laughing at cat videos with me two days before when he's spent half an hour screaming in his room because I asked him to come and tell me what he wanted in his sandwich when he was busy doing something else.

Even more bonkers is the fact that I've just been told that my grandfather used to go on a 2-3 day bender every full moon.

Has anybody else got a kid like mine who appears to be sensitive to the moon like this? It's proper weird. I can't be the only one to be so lucky, surely.

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