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introducing cows milk

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Becca1818 Mon 04-Jan-16 19:19:34

I hope I'm posting in the correct place as I couldn't find anywhere else to post about this.

I'm after some advice on how best to introduce cows milk to an almost 1 year old who is currently on formula and eats very well during the day.

Any suggestions welcome please. Thank you. smile

waitingforsomething Tue 05-Jan-16 08:11:38

Replace one ounce At a time. So if he has a 6oz bottle make 5oz formula and 1oz cows today. Tomorrow make it 4oz formula and 2oz cows etc until the whole bottle is Cows in about a weeks time.

soundsystem Wed 06-Jan-16 22:52:23

I would just try giving cow's milk and see if he takes it. My DD is 14 months, when she turned one I just gave her a sippy cup with milk in, she drank it, no big fuss! Worth a shot anyway!

SerenityReynolds Thu 07-Jan-16 05:43:38

Same here, we just gave a cup of cows milk. DD drank it without any problems. Alternatively, you could try adding it to cereal/porridge.

waitingforsomething Thu 07-Jan-16 06:20:16

I Did that with my first and altough she was happy to drink it she got really constipated. That's why I did it gradually with DS - went better

TheMasterMurderedMargarita Thu 07-Jan-16 06:38:22

Second the gradual introduction or dilute with water to avoid constipation.

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