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Heavily pregnant and stressed out looking after 2 year old

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CBSeb0802 Mon 04-Jan-16 17:07:07

Hi, my toddler is at the age now where his behaviour is really challenging. Im heavily pregnant and cant get him to listen to me ans do anything i need him to do. He is obsessed with watching tv or pepper pig on my tablet. He screams if he doesnt get to watch it. I cant cope while im on my own and I feel like Im being a terrible mum. He is so well behaved for his nana which makes me feel a little jelous but i never let it show as I love my mother in law and she is a wonderful nana. I just feel like im yelling all the time and i feel like im the only one trying to disapline him. Worried i wont cope whennthe new baby arrives. Help i need some advice or reasurence!!

hawaiibaby Mon 04-Jan-16 21:49:31

No advice really as also heavily pregnant with 2 (and a half) year old. It is tough when they are challenging and we are physically restricted, I definitely empathise but please remember everything is a phase. Mine was hitting / kicking lots over christmas (including a big butt to my stomach!) but it seems to have passed already - they do change so quickly.

You could try a reward chart, and perhaps 2 sessions of peppa per day at set times so he gets used to it? However, if YOU need it more, that's fine too - it's not going to kill him and there are worse things. Again with phases, my DS wouldn't leave the iPad alone at one stage and would hound me for it, but atm just isn't interested at all - it might just be because of new Christmas presents but it has made me wonder why I worried about it in the first place. In fact, since he's stopped napping, I actively encourage us to curl up on the sofa for an hour from around 1-2 and watch CBeebies or read - I know that hourly slot by heart and so does he! But I think he needs some down time or he would just run wild and burnout so technology isn't bad per se.

I don't have much advice as totally wing it with my DS, plus he's not a total nightmare atm (though some days he definitely is and I feel like he spends the whole time on the naughty step or me telling him off sad ). But I have read so many times on here that being pregnant with a toddler is actually a lot harder than toddler + newborn and I am clinging to that theory with all my might - perhaps it won't be as tough as you think.

hawaiibaby Mon 04-Jan-16 21:51:25

Oh and this is a really nice read too - we're not alone

Sunbeam1112 Mon 04-Jan-16 21:57:58

You have my sympathies im heavily pregnant witg a 2and half year old and 7year old..they fight and drive me crazy. DD who is 2 is extremly clingy to her daddy. Has full blown paddy as he went in the bath. I just ignored her and she settled down once she knew she wasnt getting attention

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