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3 yr old jealous of baby sister

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Ginga66 Mon 04-Jan-16 04:58:02

So I have 6 yr old, 3 yr old and 6 Mth old. My 3 year old has recently stopped bf and wakes every night to come into our bed. He co slept until 3. He has a love hate relationship with sister being obsessed with her since birth. As he won't leave her alone and his strokes can turn into hits we are having to jeeo them separated by baby gate most if the time. He yes to nursery in the afternoons and is very well behaved there but atg home and with us not. He does not listen, can be dangerous throiuwing etc. He finds sleep v hard and is a brightg boy. I know his sister arriving has made him v jealous and I am trying to be kind but he is pushing me to the limit. I thought maybe he needed psychological help but nursery say it us phase and he is so good for them so... Any practical advice wld he so helpful. Should I stop all sugar for instance? Don't want to be punitive but need him to get in line!

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