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Inheriting dyslexia

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Cnmorgan13 Sat 02-Jan-16 17:54:05

My baby is due in March. Baby's father has dyslexia inherited from his dad. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience in this. Obviously we won't be able to tell for a long while if baby will be dyslexic. Just looking for any good books or websites I can turn to, any signs to keep an eye out for and what the general chances of inheriting will be. Also, baby's dad has a younger brother who does not have dyslexia.

hairylittlegoblin Sat 02-Jan-16 18:04:06

My brother is dyslexic and has looked into this for his own DC. I think in boys the inheritance is around 70%, lower for girls. The dyslexia research trust might have some useful info.

Is the baby's dad going to be involved in his life? I think having a dyslexic relative is potentially the most helpful thing. I know my brother has a lot of strategies that he learned over years of being dyslexic that have helped him out and he wishes he'd had someone in the family who knew about them when he was growing up.

nooka Sat 02-Jan-16 18:27:01

In my family all the boys except for one in the last two generations are dyslexic (5 out of 6 boys), so it was no surprise that ds was too. We suspect that both my father and my aunt are/were also dyslexic but they were never tested so hard to say.

ds's difficulties only really showed up once he started school, and he wasn't formally diagnosed until he was 7. Synthetic phonics really helped him so I hope that the spread of phonics in reception means that reading is easier for dyslexics now.

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