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Three year old... putting stuff in her mouth!

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GingerDoodle Sat 02-Jan-16 13:27:03

DD gave up most of her dummies mid Dec (bar 1 which the 'dummy fairy' returned for bedtime only). She's only ever had them in bed and for travelling anyway.

Since then she has started to put things in her mouth and its driving me bonkers. She was never a kid to put things in her mouth (toys etc) and obviously now she's old theres a lot more small bits to toys around!

I hate making a big deal of things but I really don't want her to chock on something (and its a bit grim!). I've explained until I'm exhausted about it; taken the offending items away and today just put her in her room.

It almost seems to have become a preoccupation with her constantly asking if she can put (whatever it is she has) in her mouth, or telling me she knows she can't eat it.

Its worse when she is tired (she doesn't nap despite our bed attempts) and goes to bed between 5 - 6.

Im guessing its developmental and she will probably outgrow it when she gets back to nursery next week but any words of wisdom?

Artandco Sat 02-Jan-16 13:31:51

I think some people just do. Dh is often caught with pens/ lids/ etc in mouth being chewed without realising!

Ds1 (5) often chews his clothes!! Collars and cuffs mainly. Nightmare

Ds2 (4) never chews anything or never has done

Imnotaslimjim Sat 02-Jan-16 15:28:00

Its called an oral fixation, but sadly thats as far as I can help!

My DD is now 8 but started doing similar at about 2yo when we took away her dummies. Its only in the last few months that she's making a concerted effort to stop it.

Every single time we catch her with something non-edible in her mouth we've reprimanded. That didn't stop the multi-coloured poohs (playdoh and crayons) or rainbow mouths from chewing pens. Even the dentist told her off because she's damaged teeth from chewing stuff she shouldn't be!

I hope you do better than we did.

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