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Blue-yellow colour blindness?

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strawberrybubblegum Fri 01-Jan-16 19:26:56

DD is only just 3, but she has always been very interested in colours: could name 6-8 colours before she turned 2, usually builds duplo using one colour at a time, has had a clear colour preference since about 1 year old (always chose the same colour crayon even before she could speak and ask for it).

But I've noticed that she often mixes up pink and yellow - even vivid shades - which are such very different colours that it made me wonder. (She also still mixes up silver/gold, and also occasionally dark purple/brown/black - but these seem fairly similar, so less worrying).

I asked Dr Google -always a mistake- and learned that with blue-yellow colour blindness, pink and yellow are exactly the colours mixed up. Also, it can be acquired through scary illnesses like glaucoma and diabetes, rather than being genetic.

So now I'm panicking a bit - but it seems like a completely ridiculous thing to ask the gp about!

Have any of your children mixed up yellow and pink despite knowing other colours well? Or do you know anything about the way colour understanding develops in children? Thanks in advance.

lamprey42 Fri 01-Jan-16 20:09:06

Sorry no knowledge about colour blindness but what about a check up with an optician? Free for kids and my get be easier to get than gp (If like ours appointments like gold dust so I feel bad booking for anything minor).

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