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5 week old with reflux suddenly very unsettled

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Noof Fri 01-Jan-16 14:47:01

Hi, my son is now 5 weeks old and we've not had an easy start but finally we got him diagnosed with reflux and started on Infant Gaviscon. This has worked wonders for his reflux and he has actually been comfortable feeding and has been getting some sleep.

Before we suspected reflux, he wasnt a great sleeper in terms of length of sleep but he would always be happy to go down in his moses basket both at night and for naps.

We started the Infant Gaviscon 3 days ago and suddenly he seems very unsettled - he will sleep but only on us and will wake and cry as soon as he is put down. I understand that this can be totally normal behaviour for a baby his age, but it's a complete change from how he acted before. He is also feeding every hour but only for 5-10 minutes before falling asleep - we then put him down, he cries, wants a feed and the whole cycle begins again. He hates a sling so I'm literally pinned to the sofa and am getting no sleep (am bf).

My question is, could the Infant Gaviscon be causing him to be unsettled? Or could this be a growth spurt? OR could this all be a side-effect of the fact that the Gaviscon has upset his bowels (not constipated but definitely struggling to poo!)
First time mum here who feels like I know nothing and am just making it up as I go along.

He also does have wind problems abs we are using Infacol regularly and Gripe water occasionally - both of which help. I have been recommended Colief, but I understand this is more for lactose intolerance and I dont know if he has this or what the symptoms would be if he did.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

minipie Sat 02-Jan-16 21:20:26

Hmm, sleep and especially settling does get harder around 5 weeks IME. It's like they are born knowing they should go to sleep when tired but at somewhere around 4-6 weeks they suddenly forget and need much more help to sleep confused. From 8 or 9 weeks it gets better again... But if he is struggling to poo that won't be helping. Does he seem more windy (farty) than before the gaviscon? Have you tried tummy massage, clockwise, and bicycling his legs - might help with poo and wind.

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