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DD 5 Noise Phobia

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moochy1 Thu 31-Dec-15 13:44:44

Hi I just wondered if anyone else had a child with a phobia of loud noises? My dd has always been easily upset my loud or sudden noises since she was a baby, she is always desperately questioning what every single sound in the world is and has constant anxiety about sounds and listening out for them.

It's been getting worse and since we've been having stormy weather the last couple of weeks she's become petrified and obsessed with the noise of the wind outside the house as soon as she can hear any. She is getting hysterical about it at night and can't sleep because of it, she starts sobbing and screaming saying she can't bear the noise, her heart is racing and she is drenched in sweat, and this will last all night, there's no calming her down, it seems to genuinely petrify and distress her to the point of a panic attack. We can only get her to sleep and us get any sleep too by letting her come in our room, finally she'll settle but before it was just when there was gale force wind, now she is like this over hearing the slightest breeze, so we seem to have just made things worse as she wants to come in with us every night now, just in case there's any wind!

We've tried different ear plugs but she says she can still hear the wind, both bedrooms are at the front of the house so ours is just the same for noise but she is comforted by not being alone and will settle when she's in with us. Has anyone else experienced anything similar??

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