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Son turning his back on me!

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Luckygirlcharlie Wed 30-Dec-15 20:38:36

So I stupidly fell down the stairs before Christmas and can't walk. Just ligaments but in agony and can't do much. Am 30 wks pg and have a 15 month DS. I'm usually the one that does most of the baby care - DH does other stuff - but haven't been able to do much since this happened as can't pick him up or anything. DH been great. DS has always loved his dad but I'm the one he comes to most and if he's tired hungry or hurts himself etc. We're still having a bit of a laugh together playing as much as I can but he's really shunning me the rest of the time for his dad. Cries and shakes his head if I try to get to come to me over daddy. Hes actually cried to get out of my arms twice now. It's killing me. It must be confusing for him that I'm seemingly sitting on my butt and not looking after him but I didn't expect this reaction. So on top of the pain of the sprain (can't take anything but paracetamol which is useless for this) and the fact I can't do much for myself I have the guilt of 'neglecting' DS and the sadness from him turning his back on me. Crying as i write! Pathetic I know but has anyone else experienced this? Thanks. X

SevenSeconds Thu 31-Dec-15 07:29:05

When I was 2 my mum was put on bed rest for a few weeks. I don't remember it, but she says I was like this. I was cross with her for being so useless! Don't worry, it's natural and he'll get over it. My mum and I have a great relationship now.

0phelia Thu 31-Dec-15 11:26:16

At this age they do understand when you explain things. I'm sure you have already but it's not mentioned in your OP what you say to him.

Clearly explaining "Sorry love, I can't pick you up I've hurt my leg too much" and "I need to rest my legs so they get better" everyday, might help a bit. But I'm sure it's all just normal.

Your DS might even be concerned and upset for you but doesn't know how to process these complex emotions.

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