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Sleepwalking/night terrors in 6 yr old

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PJ67 Tue 29-Dec-15 23:15:06

My 6 year old son has started having this regularly. Sometimes he will wake up crying and we can settle him back to sleep, other times he gets up and can be talking but not really making sense. I phoned the doctor as I feel that it's started happening more often, at least 3 or 4 times a week but he didn't really have any advice other than possibly wake him up 15 minutes before it usually happens. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and whether there is anything else I should be doing. Thanks

BillMurrey Tue 29-Dec-15 23:25:21

my ds has night terrors, and it has got worse not better as he's got older, he's 10 now.
There's a few things that do help though:

Making sure he doesn't get too tired, but that he has plenty of physical activity in his day.
Rousing (not waking) him about 40 mins after he goes to sleep.
Not touching him or interacting too much while he's in a night terror.
Sometimes, talking to him quietly and calmly about a something he's recently enjoyed - a happy event - can work. It seems to switch the bad dream to a good one, and he falls back asleep.

Ds has recently started charging around the house - putting lights and the telly on, getting pans out of the cupboard, putting shoes on etc.

Hope you get some more responses as I'm concerned he isn't going to grow out of this. He hasn't been able to have a sleepover yet sad

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