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Obsessed 6yr old help

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Sellbuy Mon 28-Dec-15 23:26:52

My dd is 6years old and is obsessed with breasts!
When behaviour first started I explained they were our private parts and when dd asked why we have them I explained it was just for us to feed our babies and that was I thought
Dd was being assessed for autism but they refused diagnosis because of age (but said had all the signs and boxes ticked!) so awaiting school referral - but in the mean time I need help trying to stop dd from trying to grab every woman's breast they see! I'm at my wits end I am a single parent and not on good terms with dd father.
Should I talk to the school and dd father about this as I don't want people thinking anything wrong is happening - dd goes through obsessions the last was recalling phrases from films and songs ect but I have tried every way to stop this and I am getting nowhere sad
I have even tried explaining to dd that this is not acceptable and explained it's rude but it has not stopped
It may seem silly to somebody else but this really concerns me! i have posted in the past how dds father does not believe anything is wrong with dd but my own gp saw it from the age of 1
Please help Im pulling my hair out

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