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3 year old scared of everything

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Turtle4 Mon 28-Dec-15 14:03:59

Hi my son has just turned 3 and he is scared of everything. He used to love trains but now he won't get on a tube train. For some reason he is scared of the hallway in the block of flats where we live so I have to carry him when we walk through. If we change the way we come home from nursery he freaks out like he is absolutely petrified but I guess this is more about a change if routine. 
If I try and take him to a new place like a farm, he gets scared and screams, hits his head and says he wants to go home. It's getting really bad where I can't take him anywhere.
He has had speech delay so he can't express himself at the same level as a 3 year old without delay, although his language is getting much better. 
Any advice would be good 😁😊. Thanks !

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