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Buglife Sun 27-Dec-15 11:08:11

How old would you expect a child to be to complete this first time they got it? Probably a massive range out there as they all take to certain things at different times but I might be buying things too young for my DC...

chocadd1ct Sun 27-Dec-15 19:15:28

18-24 month(ish). why do you ask?

thatstoast Sun 27-Dec-15 19:25:01

3? DS is nearly 2 and would play with that and enjoy it but he wouldn't put them all back on the right peg.

kimlo Sun 27-Dec-15 19:26:49

About 2 to 2 and a half to.get them on the right peg

Buglife Sun 27-Dec-15 21:23:46

Ok. My 16 month old DC got this for Christmas and did this to it in a few minutes after I dumped all the pieces in front of him. Not a stealth boast I promise because I just worried I was massively underestimating what he could could do. He does like stacking and colours though so I did think it would be down his street but the above photo is what he did first time. He likes things to be quite orderly though...

thatstoast Sun 27-Dec-15 23:48:30

Wow, what else can he do?

Buglife Mon 28-Dec-15 00:49:29

Nothing except throwing stuff and bringing me cars endlessly smile I mean that I'm not boasting, I thought it was odd he did it straight away but it's not like he's going to rule the world grin

ColdTeaAgain Mon 28-Dec-15 01:16:48

Yes would say that is quite young to do that, would expect a bit of mixing up especially with those blue ones. Like you say he obviously has the eye for ordering things.

Does he go to nursery where he will have played with similar toys?

Guess you need to find something that holds his attention a bit longer, not easy at that age grin

waitingforsomething Mon 28-Dec-15 15:00:01

Mine had a similar puzzle that she could do at 14 months but puzzles seem to be her thing. She's just turned 3 and does 150 piece jigsaws. They're all different but some really good at that sort of thing- clever boy!

Buglife Mon 28-Dec-15 17:31:29

He's also taken to those shape jigsaw things where you fit the pieces in the holes, he just did his new one he got for Christmas. He's found his 'thing' then. I'll see what he does with a basic jigsaw! grin

waitingforsomething Mon 28-Dec-15 19:03:22

Buglife I have a 3 year old puzzle obsessive! If he's already good at the peg ones (dd was doing them easily by his age) Orchard puzzles make really nice sets with 2 and 3 piece puzzles in. We had the transport ones and the 'at home' ones which were lovely. They lasted her until 18-19 months then I got her a peppa set with 4, 6, 9 and 12 piece puzzles.

DesertOrDessert Mon 28-Dec-15 19:28:29

Yep, waiting has the right away ideas. Don't be tempted with the big floor puzzles. The pieces are just too big.

LittleFishBigOcean Mon 28-Dec-15 19:31:20

When DD was really into puzzles I paid a visit to the charity shops in town and bagged some right bargains. Orchard toys and ravensburger ones in great condition for a couple of pounds.

waitingforsomething Mon 28-Dec-15 20:03:53

Second charity shops: I think I'm keeping the ones going in my city with my jigsaw purchasing! Lots of very cheap puzzles for hours of activity.

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