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My son tells me I have hit/hurt him

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madeitagain Sat 26-Dec-15 23:45:12

My 6 year old sometimes says angrily that I have hit or hurt him. It is usually when he has
hurt himself. I have talked to him about it and told him that it is wrong to say someone did something too him when this isn't true. He has sometimes done this in a public place. I don't hit or hurt my son at all and find the situation troubling. I love my son dearly and know he loves me but am unsure how to approach this.

Phalenopsisgirl Sun 27-Dec-15 19:59:06

A real tough one. If it makes you feel any better most kids do or say something like this at some point, they fall flat on their face and all of a sudden it's your fault, he may just be struggling to cope with the emotion of feel cross with himself. However it does need sorting, I would speak to his school for some reassurance, they are there to help outside of the class room not just in it. They may be able to offer help and some words to reasure you aren't the first mum to have to face this. Please don't let it make you feel you aren't a good mum, this could be happening to anyone. X

madeitagain Mon 28-Dec-15 16:58:36

Thanks Phalenopsisgirl. Is there anyone else that could comment/ suggest how to approach this?

SevenSeconds Mon 28-Dec-15 19:10:03

I remember my DS doing this - he would say "don't push me, mummy" when I had (very gently!) touched him. It's so embarrassing! My advice is not to react at all - just say calmly "I didn't hurt you DS, you just fell". I think it's usually attention seeking behaviour, so he'll stop if he doesn't get a reaction.

madeitagain Tue 29-Dec-15 10:11:35

Yes that is pretty much what I do.

FilthyRascal Wed 30-Dec-15 22:17:20

My dd also does this - I say the same as above. Something like, I don't think I did hurt you dd you just tripped, but if I did it was an accident and I'm sorry. It's always when she's tired and super grumpy. She will argue back with me until we are both fuming so this seems to be the most inflammatory way!!

Beahun Thu 31-Dec-15 01:34:25

It's also happened to me when I first arrived to England and I was an au-pair. The little girl (she was 5 then) I used to look after was sitting on my lap once and suddenly said to me that I had hit her. I was very apset as no one was at home an my English was limited back then. Mum came home told her straight away she just asked me if I have done it.I told her of course not! Luckily she believe me. Then about a week later the Mum was taking off the little girl's jumper and she said to her Mum :you hit me Mummy. The Mum got very upset and she told her off. I think it didn't happened again. She was a lovely girl otherwise. I think they grow out of it eventually.Maybe too much imagination.

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