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Toddler troubles

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Hawest1 Mon 21-Dec-15 14:55:27

I feel I spend every minute of every day saying 'don't touch that' 'put that back' 'don't squish that' sad
I know toddlers are supposed to push the boundaries & 'explore' things but this is beyond a joke! Ds1 was never as bad as ds2!
My washing is never dry as it only ever lasts 5mins (tops!!!) on the radiators & airers! My Christmas tree is bare! Literally!! The toy box is emptied a million times a day, if he gets into drawers they are then emptied (he's they are child locked but he susses them out!!) I can't have my fruit bowl on the table as he climbs & throws fruit everywhere! My house phone goes missing constantly as smarty pants ds2 has realised if he puts his train beside things he can climb! He's sussed how to pull the fireguard off & throws coals everywhere (not a real fire but still makes a bloody mess!!)
I ask him nicely not to do things, I try to distract him, I shout, I have pulled him away, placed him the other side of the room, tried to play with him, all the things he books tell u to do & I am really having no luck!!! He is too young for a timeout & 9/10times he's acting out because he's tired but that still doesn't mean he is planning on napping anytime soon! If ds1 did this he got out to bed & he'd be out like a light within seconds but ds2 uses that as an excuse to destroy his room!!

When do they grow out of this!? sad I'm at my wits end & I am sick of my house being a total pigsty!

MissingTheMissletoe Mon 21-Dec-15 18:08:24

How old is your ds2? Sounds like my lg when she was 2/3, she grew out of it by 4ish though smile (except my house is still constantly a pigsty, my washing basket is the size of mt everest and my god if I have to spend one more day cleaning all day I will lose my mind!)

Hawest1 Tue 22-Dec-15 12:40:55

He is 1 & a half. Ds1 is 3 & has grew out of most of this already (altho he was never this bad to start with!)
It's a nightmare sad

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