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Toddler throwing things

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N3ll1e Sun 20-Dec-15 16:38:24

2 year old toddler throwing things (very accurately) at anyone within reach. Also hair-pulling.

She has no speech yet (this has happened to previous siblings who are fine so no worries there at present), so don't know if it's frustration or what but it's becoming intolerable.

Toys are taken away but short of leaving nothing (and she had only recently started playing with toys really) we don't know what to do.

Any theories or suggestions as to how to handle it?

gg1234 Sun 20-Dec-15 23:59:03

Its very normal .You just need to teach them by saying words like "No" or like explaining them like the toys have to kept like this in the storage box etc.Its very exhausting process but its the only way that they learn .


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