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Baby lost 10% of weight.

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naomiw87 Thu 17-Dec-15 16:56:00

I had my 3rd baby a week ago, he weighed 9lbs 15oz and I am exclusively breastfeeding. He is my first I have managed to feed myself as I had problems with the other 2. Yesterday he was weighed and I was told he has lost a little over 10% of his weight and they want him weighing again tomorrow. This has really got me worried now, I feed on demand and he's having plenty of dirty and wet nappies in the day and night. I have no experience of this because my other 2 were mainly formula fed they didn't lose much weight. It's got me really worked up that they will think I am not feeding him. I hope someone can tell me I don't have anything to worry about. I just really don't want to have to supplement with formula when I have done so well to keep breastfeeding.

SewingAndCakes Thu 17-Dec-15 17:07:20

Congratulations flowers

I think they're "allowed" to lose 10% of their birth weight when bf. As far as I know that's all fine and you don't need to worry. Ask the midwife tomorrow when he's weighed if you need reassurance.

naomiw87 Thu 17-Dec-15 17:44:41

Thank you for the reply, I think I will say something tomorrow when she comes. X

blushingmare Thu 17-Dec-15 20:45:45

Try not to worry. PP is right in that they only get concerned when it's over 10%. However, be aware that even then some midwives/health visitors can get very hung up on the numbers and charts and fail to use their eyes and clinical judgement.

My DD lost 14%. It was no great surprise as we had terrible trouble starting out with feeding. However, she was always alert, producing plenty of wet and dirty nappies, a good colour and had lovely chubby thigh despite the weight loss. Fortunately I had a very good and pragmatic midwife who looked at all those things and said "well she's lost weight, but she looks the picture of health so we won't panic just yet". The health visitor hardly looked at the baby and just at the numbers and advised I top up with formula. Luckily I listened to my midwife (and my mum!) and stick with what I was doing and we went on to breast feed exclusively.

Interestingly, although born quite a big baby (6 days overdue), she has turned out to be a tiny child. So I think she was just born bigger than her genes meant her to be.

So in short, if your baby is healthy and otherwise thriving, don't rush to top up with formula if that's not your preference. Just keep feed feed feeding and don't try to stick to scheduled feeds in the same way you might be more likely with formula.


cathpip Thu 17-Dec-15 21:00:17

op are you me!! When I had dc3 he weighed 9.14lbs and was my first that I managed to breast feed, he also lost 10% of his birth weight! They reweighed him at day 8 and he had started to gain weight again and discharged us both at day 10, not an ounce of formula passed his lips. Also had the same happen with dc4, midwife wasn't as fussed about the 12% weight loss this time as dc4 weighed 11.6lbs, using her precise words "we usually worry with a weight loss of 10% or higher but not with your babies because they are still quite big"

FloJo151 Thu 17-Dec-15 21:07:50

Congraulations on dc3!
Has anyone checked your latch? Can you see baby swallowing whilst latched on?
Can I ask what the bf problems were with your previous dc? (might help to determine if its a similar issue this time)
How are your nipples, any pain?
Has baby been checked for tongue tie?
(sorry for all the questions!)

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