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Full of energy 9 month old!

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Denedward Thu 17-Dec-15 15:37:52

Anybody else have/had one of these?! He's also a really big boy. I'm beginning to feel he is the most boisterous of the group all of the time. He has just learned to crawl and is into everything. He loves going up to other babies and patting them (which has resulted in a couple of the quiet ones getting upset 😣), climbing up them etc. Absolutely not in an unpleasant way, he's just exploring but the other baby obviously doesn't know that. I feel like I'm spending all of the time in groups hovering ready to step in and dragging him away from the other babies but I really don't want him to lose his happy, exploring nature. It's so hard when everybody else has such placid babies, I worry that they're going to go away thinking what a brute ds is when he's not, he's the most fun and lovely boy, but he doesn't want to sit still and he wants to say hello to everybody and explore everything.

Tired, ill and feeling a tad emotional mummy 😭

TheKitchenWitch Thu 17-Dec-15 20:56:28

Your ds sounds very much like my ds2 (8mo) who is also a crawler and tries to touch everyone. So much interest in EVERYTHING!
I've found sometimes distracting him with a toy (or more usually NOT a toy ie a random something else) that he can play with works better than always moving him away.
I do sympathise though.
Mine has now discovered pulling himself upright on everything, it's exhausting because he doesn't have the co-ordination yet to stop himself from falling over or tipping, so I'm just running around after him the whole day!

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