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tongue tie - feeding

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pickledgirkin Tue 15-Dec-15 20:19:56

My 8 week old daughter had a tongue tie snipped last week. Breastfeeding is MUCH easier which is great. For the previous 7 weeks this meant my poor daughter was desperately trying to feed all the tine and always hungry. So my question is... Is her breastfeeding development 7 weeks behind? Will her cluster feeding continue longer? Is her stomach still small? Does this make sense? I feel like I have a new baby (now she's full and happier!) but I don't really understand her yet! Many thanks in advance xxx

youlemming Tue 15-Dec-15 22:03:24

You may get more responses if you post in the Infant Feeding section (under Feed the World).

I haven't got any advise on this but I hope you get the answers/info you need.

pickledgirkin Tue 15-Dec-15 22:21:57

Thank you! Xxx

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