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Anyone else's 7 month old seem to have changed personality.

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Cleo81 Tue 15-Dec-15 14:53:11

I thought I was very lucky having two very easy babies. Dd who is now 10 months has always slept well and we've through the night at 12 weeks. She was very happy, smiley and plancid. Happy to sit on my lap, sit and play alone and be with anyone. However , since 7 months she's totally changed and I am blaming myself.

In fairness she's been ill and has had colds, coughs, teeth and now a bear infection but it feels like all she does during the day is cry. She won't let me put her down! She cries if I put her in the car seat, high chair, on the floor, in her walker, jumperoo and if she doesn't she's only happy for 5/10 mins. She's on teether, calpol and anti biotics but she's still so grumpy. I am in tears today as I feel like she's totally changed.

I am blaming myself. I have ds who is nearly 3 so it's been tough. Potty training was hard and I turned from easy going, relaxed mum to stressed out mum who was finding it all too much. I ve found it's got harder after the first six months not easier like everyone says it does! I feel like she's picked up on stressed mummy and I ve made her into a grumpy baby now. I feel like this is her now.

I quite a routine person and feel ds was so good as a baby and now dd was a good baby because of this, but trying to have a routine with ds who is nearly 3 is very hard. He gets bored staying in so much whilst dd sleeps. We used to let dd have morning nap then go out and dd would sleep out and about and as long as she got 20 mins in the afternoon she would be fine. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore and I feel like I need to go back to the two naps a day routine with dd but how can I be in so much when ds gets bored? Plus, ds seems miserable in anyway and is totally bored of any toy I give her after 5 mins and hates being on her tummy if I try and encourage her to crawl.

Anyone else's baby change personality? Will she go back yo my happy, smiley girl or is this it?

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