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3 year old doesn't have friends

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Discopanda Sun 13-Dec-15 01:14:24

My nearly 4 year old DD is in her 2nd year of preschool and is having real issues making friends. The past few weeks her teachers keep pulling me aside to say that she's being aggressive, isn't sharing and isn't playing well with other children and we're all trying to help her, the outreach worker from our local surestart centre has been involved too working on positive reinforcement strategies. Please could people share things that have worked to help their LOs learn sharing and playing together.

TheHouseOnTheLane Sun 13-Dec-15 05:25:49

Hi, sorry you and DD are having this issue. I know it's a worry when they don't manage socialising....mine did have some issues eldest but she's 11 and totally fine now.

Anyway...can you work out the cause of the agression? Often at this age it's related to language issues. How is her language?

Another reason can be simply that they're just taking a bit longer to mature in that way....just as some DC take a bit longer to walk, or to grasp reading...and as a result need support.

ScandinavianInUK Sun 13-Dec-15 13:57:00

Sometimes it does take time. Has the teachers at the nursery given you any feedback about what happens when other kids try to interact/converse with her?

Discopanda Sun 13-Dec-15 18:00:28

She has great language skills but is actually a bit shy, it took months for her to start talking to her teachers. Could it maybe be that she's lashing out because she doesn't want to talk?

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