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3 Year Old relentlessly naughty, at the end of out tether.

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mummyme93 Fri 11-Dec-15 10:24:43

Our 3 year old used to be so well behaved, i remember thinking wow we're so lucky hes so easy and he rarely did anything naughty. And then aroun his 3rd birthday it completely changed.
He has a 10 month old younger bother and he never leaves him alone. Hes constantly taking his milk bottle of him and drinking it all (even if he has his own milk) he kicks the baby off the sofa, and hits him and hides his dummies. On the other hand hes always kissing and cuddling him and saying he loves his baby brother.
Through out the day hes constantly doing all the things he knows hes not allowed to. Everyday he wakes up early, about 5 am and he throws everything on the floor in his bedroom, goes into the bathroom and wastes all the bath products (bubble bath, soap ), we've had to lock the kitchen because he would empty the fridge onto the floor and climb up on the sides and decide to cut up his own apple with a kitchen knife. And although hes not doing this so much anymore but he would usually wee on the floor in the living room.
He's got nice toys to play with, the WII and a leappad3 but he never entertains himself. Ill put music on for us to dance, but he doesn't like doing that for too long. I cant trust him with crayons because hell cover the walls (which we've just had repainted) and when i do sit down with him to draw of do crafty things he gets bored after 10 mins and decides to ruin all the lovely things hes just made.
And he loves to break things, or be destructive.
I take him out once a week with just me and him and he's naughty the whole time. he hits me, refuses to get off the floor, if we're in a shop he throws things off of shelves.

I could go on a lot more, but this post would be too long. He does probably 1 good thing in the day, and apart from that hes constant. He could play out in the park all day, and come home not be tired and be naughty. We dont give him sweets, or juice drinks. We'v tried all the rick with behavior, he doesn't care about rewards or punishments.
Recently hes got this habit were if hes being told off, or hes over excited or the baby cries he bites his hand, which is starting to bruise now.
He's know how to use the toilet and is capable of being dry for about 3 months now, but he wets himself everyday when hes at home (when we're out hes fine) .
Whats strange is about once a month he'l have a day were he acts "normal" he has fun, behaves mostly, maybe the odd thing here and there which is normal, and hes dry the whole time.
He goes to nursery which he enjoys.
Sorry i know this is long but everyday is so tiring for me and my partner.

Bumpsadaisie Fri 11-Dec-15 10:49:24

Bless you, sounds like you've got a threenager. It doesn't help you now, but he will get better as he gets to 4 and I don't think there is anything "wrong" with him (trying to look on the bright side).

You just need to be firm on the important things, even if it seems that this is "not working" - it does work and slowly the boundaries will sink in. He may not "listen" but ultimately he will recognise the boundary.

You could choose your battles and let him dictate smaller things, after all they are desperate for control at this age, and it is good for their development of a sense of self to feel that they have SOME agency and control over some things and that parents are sometimes willing to respond to their views and negotiate.

Its a tricky balance between being a total walkover and raising a spoilt brat with no boundaries and being a complete autocrat/dictator at the other end of the spectrum where the child feels totally controlled and every day is 24/7 conflict.

Heaven knows parenting is a tricky tightrope to walk ...

My DS is 4 now and is MUCH easier than he was a year ago.

mummyme93 Fri 11-Dec-15 11:32:32

Thanks for replying, i am hoping it'll get easier but people have told me 4-5 are even harder, i don't think my sanity could take that haha.
He let him chose some things like his clothes, sometimes what we're going to eat, or what well do for the day. I think he just has so much energy and doesnt know what to do with it.

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