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Development Books and Baby Tantrums!

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MamaBear13 Tue 08-Dec-15 23:40:25

Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for good books on baby to toddler development with ideas of what sorts of things to play and encourage at what ages? I borrowed the Gina Ford book from the library but DS is 9 months so a bit late for some of the routine advice lol and it wasn't quite what I wanted.

Also DS has started throwing tantrums whenever I try and put him in the high chair, car seat or pushchair (and at nappy changes). Goes completely rigid on me, screams, hits and throws his head back. Have tried tickling his tummy, being firm and telling him off, playing games etc and am running out of ideas! Being a first time mum I was obviously naive in thinking they didn't have tantrums til about age 2....

PalaceGirl Wed 09-Dec-15 10:29:01

I'd recommend Dr Christopher Green's Toddler Taming books. They are excellent

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