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biting toddler

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Kelly3452 Mon 07-Dec-15 22:33:25

So my son is nearly 4 and at nursery today he came home telling me he bit a girl in his class. He was very open and honest and told me everything with no questioning. They were playing kitchens he got carried away and bit her. The little girl whom he is good friends with burst out crying and the bite has left marks. The teacher saw it and said to him it was all forgotten about as my son apologised straight away.
The incident was not mentioned by his teacher when i picked him up.. Is this normal!?
Also im not really sure how best to deal with it. Biting isnt in character for him at all but he also bit his younger brother this week too! (Again while playing) he knows its wrong as i kno all the children at nursery have been talked to about it after an old incident.
At first i told him off and refused to give him his after nursery treat. Later when he'd calmed we talked more about it. He said when things go in his mouth his mouth just closes. When he bit my younger son it was him who put his fingers in his mouth. So i played a game with him where i told him he had to not bite when i put different body parts in his mouth. I put my fingers,hands, ears,arms all between his open teeth and he didnt bite at all. He found that game fun. Is there anything else i could do to get him to stop. I dont want to scold him too much when he was very honest with me and i dont want him to know he can use biting to annoy me too! :-/ thanks in advance

PalaceGirl Tue 08-Dec-15 13:33:54

The teacher should have said something and I would have expected it to be written in some sort of incident book. I would talk very sternly to the child and make it clear this is not 'nice' behaviour. He may think its a game but would you like it if he were on the receiving end of another child's bite at nursery?

Kelly3452 Tue 08-Dec-15 23:44:28

I think the problem is biting incidents are very very common in nurseries. Id imagine it was written in an incident book though he didnt break the skin, and they dont log every hit, push, kick or trip on an incident book. I believe they dont tell the parents names because they dont want fall outs between parents and the child to be judged or labelled. And i think in this case because he instantly knew hed done wrong and apologised the teacher would have felt us making it a big thing at home may not work in our favour. He is very aware it is wrong and has been very honest with me about how exactly it happened. I dont think he meant it at all but of course i need to teach him a way to make sure it doesnt happen again. And to be honest if my son came home being bitten and the mum and other boy had apologised it would not bother me at all. Children are children at the end of the day! They need to make mistakes to learn and im sure the little girl will do something wrong to someone else at some point too. They are all learning whats acceptable

Kelly3452 Tue 08-Dec-15 23:46:41

And he doesnt think its a game to bite people?! He got carried away playing got excited and shut his mouth without thinking. He instantly knew it was wrong and he shouldnt have

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