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DS (7) keeps wetting himself - it's driving me potty!

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Jojay Wed 02-Dec-15 20:29:55

Ds potty trained very normally at 2 and a bit, has no SEN or anything unusual and is a delight in every other way.........but he constantly wets himself, sometimes 2-3 times in a day.

It's not a huge bladder emptying flood, but a big wet patch in his pants that often soaks through his trousers. It happens at school, while using the computer, at Beavers, at football, whenever really.

I took him to the GP a few months ago and we were referred to a community paed. They couldn't find anything wrong with him, no infection, bladder capacity normal. He obviously feels the sensation that he needs to go, as he often does 'the wee wee dance'. Poos not an issue, thank God.

He gives various (pretty lame) reasons for not going in time: was engrossed in a film/game, couldn't get the teacher's attention, someone was standing by the loo door and he couldn't get by, didn't know where to go....

The doctor suggested increasing his fluid intake and getting into a pattern of weeing every 2 hours, though I find this hard to implement as I'm not with him all day. The teacher's are great and do remind him as much as they can, but I can't expect them to endlessly remind him to go. Often he is adamant he doesn't need to go anyway. Ultimately though, the doctor says that it's really hard to fix this until they care and want to fix it, and he just doesn't seem to want to.

If I find him wet at home I make him have a shower immediately, which he's often cross about. I've tried sticker charts, bribery and rewards for dry pants etc but nothing seems to work for more than a day or two. I'm now thinking of banning all screen time as he'll hate this, but I'm running out of ideas.

The fact that he can be dry (and he definitely can when he wants to) makes me think there is no physical problem, so how on earth can I motivate him to stay dry? The skin at the top of his legs gets sore due to the wet pants, which is horrid and he's still in a pull up at night (which is the least of my worries right now).

Any words of wisdom or encouragement?

Cressandra Wed 02-Dec-15 23:54:06

I think you should be getting more support by now. Start with the school nurses. You can get their phone number from school office.

One of my children has an overactive bladder which causes regular accidents and she's been on medication and in enuresis clinic from age 5. It is hard for children like her - she has stayed dry for a few days if really motivated by a chart but it's massively more difficult for her than it is for other children, and that is not her fault.

Try, eg a vibrating watch set at 2 hour intervals might help your DS. But please do try the school nurses rather than just battling on alone.

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