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Anxiety in 5 year old

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jenny77 Tue 01-Dec-15 20:57:57

My daughter is five and will be six this month. For the past month she has been suffering from severe anxiety over the smallest of issues.
She is constantly worrying about what others think about her and fretting and directing every social situation. She worried for 3 days that an adult thought she made a face at them and for about 5 days about mistaking another woman for me about a year ago. She has also been worrying about not being able to control her own behaviour.
It is a busy month and she is in various plays and pantos, along with swimming lessons etc. I wonder if lack of sleep could be the problem, as I often think irrationally when i am tired. I want to reassure her without belittling her worries. I would welcome some advice from any that have experienced this.

lucyrivens Wed 02-Dec-15 14:28:43

I have suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks and this can rapidly go downhill into serious mental issues if this is not tackled. The first thing to do is don't panic - it is very common and totally treatable and can be overcome. Lack of sleep certainly does not help, but there is something that has triggered it and you need expert advice. Don't take it lightly and go and see you doctor please. Avoid showing signs of any worry or concern around your child.

jenny77 Sun 06-Dec-15 16:29:04

Thanks, i think i will speak to our health visitor rather than taking her to the doctors though. I think the doctors would probably just upset her.

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