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Scared of Christmas decorations

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Becbec1987 Fri 27-Nov-15 18:55:23

Hi im new to this but I need some help my DD is 9 months old next week and me and my DH is getting very excited for her first Christmas so we decided to decorate early for her but everywhere she looks she crys she's even scared of the tinsel I don't know what to do either take it all down or hope she gets used to it please help xx

Ferguson Fri 27-Nov-15 19:33:39

A baby will inevitably not enjoy its first Christmas, the way that parents would like it to. Anything that alters baby's routine and environment can be sensed as 'worrying' or 'threatening'. They are so 'new' to the world and experiences, that they get easily distressed.

Maybe just keep a minimum of decorations, and try not to 'force' anything on her. Even presents on Christmas Morning may be overwhelming, and not understood, so go cautiously there as well.

By TWO they are more mature and can, hopefully, enter into the spirit of celebrations, but can still be overexcited or overwhelmed, and have a meltdown.


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