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DS 2.2 constantly taking things from his sibling

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hartmel Fri 27-Nov-15 04:55:52

How can I teach him that he has to share?
If my daughter age 1.1 takes a toy to play with that DS was not playing at the time, DS comes screaming to her and takes it away. First I thought ok he wants to play with it so I saw that DD went back to the play corner and starts playing with a different toy and the same thing happens all over again. But this time DD gets upset.
How can teach them to play together or at least share. I bought DD dolls and a doll pushchair but same thing he takes it away from her. And when I talk to DS he screams like he hurt himself really badly. We are doing time outs, where he either has to sit on the couch, if that doesn't settle him, I put him to bed. Which normally helps but the last two days are bad. And his tantrums are getting worse. Is it that "typical 2" phase that every parents talks about? He is a handful since he started walking.

We want to get the kids for Christmas a toy kitchen but how can we get that for them when he will constantly take everything away from his sister.

He thinks everything belongs to him. Even when eating meals, if I sit in his chair he starts screaming and trying to push me of the chair. Or we have a sofa chair that everyone in the family loves. And when my DH, DD or me sit in it, he comes right away and says he wants to sit there. And if don't do as he says he starts crying..

I should mention that he only started talking 3 month ago. But his words are not clear yet.

hartmel Fri 27-Nov-15 04:57:32

It should say "terrible twos"
I'm writing this while DH is snoring beside me and I'm trying to figure out why DS is so unbehaved lately

Seriouslyffs Fri 27-Nov-15 05:01:09

It's a phase. And you just have to intervene, distract, preempt, swap, engineer situations for them to share, engineer situations when one takes precedence...

SevenSeconds Fri 27-Nov-15 15:53:47

Sounds like normal behaviour for his age. Toddlers find it really hard to understand why they must share - it just doesn't make sense to them! Don't give up. Keep saying to him, again and again, that his sister is allowed to play with toys, just like he is. Buying her 'girl toys' won't help the situation (as you've discovered), it will take time and endless patience from you.

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