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What happened to my lovely little girl??

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Flybygirly29 Thu 26-Nov-15 19:38:26

I'm not sure what's happened I'm well and truly at the end of my rope!

My little girl is 22 months old and it seems like overnight she has become a total horror. In reality I think it's been slowly kicking in for a few weeks but I just don't know how to fix it.

She's normally really happy and relaxed but lately it's all gone to pot. She used to live for bath time and now she hates it. I have to fight with her for ages to get her in and even then she won't let me wash her hair anymore.

In the day everything's a full on strop. She seems fine until nap time but after she's woken up from that she's like someone else's child! She strops and hits and yells and is just generally a turd!

At night time we've had to drop the side of her cot as I'm 30 weeks preggers and can't pick her up from inside the cot anymore so she has a toddler guard on. I was feeling really smug because she took to it really well for the last two weeks but the last four nights have been horrific....I've been up and down for three hours solid trying to settle her and I found her asleep by her baby gate at four this morning!

I'm not really sure what I'm asking for but id love some reassurance that I'm not alone or any hints to getting my happy little girl back!

feelingcrossagain Thu 26-Nov-15 19:47:14

Well, she is just a toddler, kids go through phases.
Does she understand much about the new baby coming? Could she be anxious about it?
I don't think it is particularly helpful to think of her as a 'turd' . We all communicate our feelings through our behaviour. She is obviously feeling upset, angry or frustrated about something. That might just be normal toddler frustration with not being able to control things. My son went through a lashng out at me phase too, so I get how this feels to be on the receiving end of. I thnk it will help to just thnk of it as normal toddler behaviour .
It might help to just acknowledge her feelings, y'know, ' you seem very angry' etc. this really seems to help my son to calm down more clearly. Or if he wants something I can't give him, like his a Daddy, saying, ' wouldn't it be lovely if daddy were here? He would give you a big cuddle'. That seems to help him too.

BertieBotts Thu 26-Nov-15 19:48:51

Don't worry! It's just the terrible twos smile She will definitely be back but it's a rocky ride. Unfortunately this, indeed, is where all of those smug feelings wear off. Don't sweat it. You're in the parenting club for real, now wink

This is long but it's really useful.

feelingcrossagain Thu 26-Nov-15 19:50:10

Or she might be feeling upset if you are not physically able to do some things with her that you used to?

BocaDeTrucha Sat 28-Nov-15 11:24:23

Sounds just like mine. DS is 26 months and is exactly the same with bath time. Before, he would cry when we took him out of the bath, now it's he'll just getting him into the bath, and washing his hair.. Well the neighbours s must think we're torturing him!!! He hits, kicks and sometimes even spits when he gets cross about something. Fortunately is not a daily thing but he really has changed. Plus, he's become very disobedient. I'm not worried though, as long as we deal with it properly, as I'm sure it's just a phase. He's finally realising he can say no if he wants to and exerting his independence!!!!!!

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