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help, my 15 month dd is badly behaved at home

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Robinsnest86 Thu 26-Nov-15 15:24:07

Have any of you mummies experienced this?? My dd is as good as gold at nursery and for other people but for me she is terribly behaved. Everyday essentials like changing nappies, getting dressed and getting in the pram reduce me to tears. I know most kids can act up for their parents but she can get very physical, kicking and hitting. She also scratches at my face throughout the day but has never raised a hand to anyone else, and shakes her head at everything i say to her. Shes only 15 months and im scared its going to get worse. Please tell me someone else has gone through this and come out the other side?! Very frazzled!

purpleme12 Thu 26-Nov-15 16:07:50

While my daughter doesn't hit or scratch (it has been known although I wouldn't say it's a regular issue) she certainly acts up a lot for me so I completely get you. She doesn't listen fights me getting her dressed and nappy done changes her mind about getting in or out pushchair, resists reins which she needs - it's a physical fight getting them on her cos there's no other way. And yes I'm sure with anyone else she doesn't do this - even when I'm there. and mine has more understanding than yours so I think it's normal!

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