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advice please, can the children be taking away?

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happywithit Thu 19-Nov-15 23:11:10

my friend just had argument with her daughter, the daughter punched her as the mum refuse to let her stay using the internet for more than 2hours, so the mother fight her back, the girl she is 15yrs, the neighbours called the police but when they came the father said the he saw the mum punching first, so the police has to take the mum of the house until they check tomorrow more in the case but did not arrested her as the girl did bruise he is well, now the mum she got other 6yrs and 2yrs boys, and really worried that they will not let her see them again. is that can happen?

happywithit Thu 19-Nov-15 23:13:51

the police fell sorry for the mum but they told her they must do it because of the father statement. and they drop her to a hotel

abbsismyhero Thu 19-Nov-15 23:14:08

yes my friends 15 year old was removed from the home with her twin and she is only allowed supervised access because they had an altercation

happywithit Thu 19-Nov-15 23:15:57

so the children can be removed ? or the mum? as now they left them at home with the dad?
15yrs 6yrs and 2yrs
the dad live with them is well.

happywithit Thu 19-Nov-15 23:18:57

so the father statement can be taking agains her? she doesn't have problem withe the youngest, but the 15yrs is very staben.

thornrose Thu 19-Nov-15 23:19:37

Why did the father say he saw the mum punching first? Are they both the parents of the 15 year old. It's odd that he would say that unless it was true?

ouryve Thu 19-Nov-15 23:19:53

Whatever the outcome, there will be an obligation for social services to become involved and assess the family.

They need to be sure that the kids are safe.

abbsismyhero Thu 19-Nov-15 23:22:59

the family will be assessed the mum might be removed from the family home while the assessment is ongoing if they refuse this the children will be taken while the assessment is going on its harder to get the kids back than get the mum back

is the dad "the dad" of all of them?

happywithit Thu 19-Nov-15 23:23:43

yes he is the father of the girl, but because he keep asking the mum that he want all of them to go back to their country, and live their but the mum refuse and the daugther is well, so he want to prove to her that in this country the children can be taking of you at anytime.

happywithit Thu 19-Nov-15 23:24:54

yes he is the dad of all of them

Maryz Thu 19-Nov-15 23:26:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

happywithit Thu 19-Nov-15 23:31:56

she can't even think of not seeing her children, she is with me at the moment but she can't sleep, she left the hotel as she can sleep them and came to sleep in mu house, i really don't know how to calm her down,

happywithit Thu 19-Nov-15 23:34:29

the problem the father has been in the same position with the daugther, and he knows, that way he put her on it now, the familly went through the same things with the father but the social service close the case, and they knoe the girl is staben.

happywithit Thu 19-Nov-15 23:35:19

so do you think after the mum get involved now the children can be taken from the family?

Stillunexpected Thu 19-Nov-15 23:37:33

So the family is already known to SS because the father also hit the daughter? What do you mean the daughter is "staben"? It must have been quite an argument for the neighbours to call the police.

Maryz Thu 19-Nov-15 23:39:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

happywithit Thu 19-Nov-15 23:40:05

yes i think so, i don't live near them, i know her from children school, but thats what she told me.

JeffsanArsehole Thu 19-Nov-15 23:44:13

I think the op means 'stubborn'

English likely not the first language here.

happywithit Thu 19-Nov-15 23:46:31

i am not in the position to check my spelling at the moment.

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