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Worried about DS development at 4 months

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magpie17 Tue 17-Nov-15 19:35:07

I'm worried about my DS in terms of the things he is able to do. He is 4 months old exactly and still can't roll from either front to back or back to front. He has literally just started to grasp a toy if you put it right in front on him and 9 times out of 10 he misses before grasping it. He never 'reaches' for toys at all. He is nowhere near sitting up and is still very jerky in his movements.

Is this normal? He seems so far behind some other babies his age, ones that I know are reaching for things and pushing themselves up at tummy time - he just face plants! He smiled a bit late as well.

Other than this he is happy and healthy, he was 'full term' but two weeks early but that shouldn't make a difference should it?

I am doing what I can to encourage him but I can't really force his development. I'm just worried this isn't normal?

MonkeyGoneToHeaven Tue 17-Nov-15 20:54:37

Perfectly normal. My DS is 7 months and still not rolling. He'll do it when he's ready, as will yours. As for the grabbing, he's practicing! He's only still very small.

Try not to worry - stop reading about what your DS should be doing and just enjoy him!

Lilydreams Tue 17-Nov-15 23:23:47

Sounds exactly like my 4 month old so I wouldn't worry he's not the only one! Mine also face plants- he doesn't seem to know what his arms are for- he's all about his legs and tries to crawl with them with his face on the floor and arms behind him! If there is something to push off he gets quite far too! He also loves 'standing up' obviously supported but I think he just has mega strong legs so prefers doing things involving them rather than his arms. I really wouldn't worry babies develop at all different ages- I know a mum whose 6 month old doesn't sit up yet and there's no concerns they're all just different. As pp said just enjoy him and what he can do and the rest will come.

Illyillyilly Tue 17-Nov-15 23:26:42

He's 4 months, please stop worrying. Most babies do most things in their own time. Just try and enjoy your little boy, before you know it he'll be off to school and you'll be worrying about maths, and reading, and socialising. This is the best bit. Squeeze him tight and realise that nothing else matters in the world smile

MrsHooolie Tue 17-Nov-15 23:31:05

My DS didn't roll until he was 11 months. He was my 2nd baby so I was a bit more relaxed than I had of been had he been my 1st (who rolled at 4 months!).
The day after he rolled he began to crawl and is now 5 and totally normal.
I know it's hard to not compare your baby to others.

cestlavielife Tue 17-Nov-15 23:40:49

When you hold him does he hold his head up ? If you hold him by placing your hands under his shoulders does he support himself or does he slip thru your hands? Is his vision ok ? Can you prop him up with cushions and he sits ? Can he support his weight on his feet if you hold him ?

Babies are different but If you concerned get hv to check him over. Sometimes you need to trust your gut feeling.

Highlove Thu 19-Nov-15 06:47:55

My DD didn't roll till 11 months. She sat about six months. I think that's pretty normal.

magpie17 Thu 19-Nov-15 18:06:54

He can hold his head up if you sit him up and support him under his arms. He also doesn't need his head supported when being carried or held.

I suppose it's the rolling over stuff that concerns me, he doesn't even try! He hates tummy time so I don't do it for long but maybe I should?

cestlavielife Thu 19-Nov-15 22:37:19

Do tummy time every time you change nappy.

Rolling isn't a big deal if everything else is ok

spanisharmada Thu 19-Nov-15 22:51:12

Babies really do develop at their own pace, and there's always a long period during which milestones are expected to be achieved. Some babies miss out whole stages, my DN never crawled, she just rolled to where she wanted to go. DD was behind on speech for ages, never pointed at stuff etc, now she never shuts up!
He's still very little, give him time. And don't miss out on enjoying this time through worrying.

Mrscog Sun 22-Nov-15 04:16:00

He sounds completely normal to me - maybe he's just a slower motor skill developer. dS1 didn't roll until 7 months, crawled at 1 year then didn't walk until 18 months! He also had little interest in toys at that age. He's now a completely normal 3 year old. They do these things at their own pace.

Atenco Sun 22-Nov-15 05:21:41

My dgd was way older than that when she started rolling, OP, and she not in any way delayed in her development

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sun 22-Nov-15 06:02:34

DD1 sat up unaided at 5 months, bum shuffled (extremely fast!) at 7 months and didn't roll until 9 months. Never crawled, just bum shuffled until she walked at 11 months.
DD2 is 4.5 months and has been rolling since 12 weeks. They're all so different and do different things at different times.

icklekid Sun 22-Nov-15 06:10:16

My ds hated tummy time and didn't roll until after he was crawling (8/9 months? ) by 12 months he was walking. For every baby that is more advanced than yours there are babies much less. I had to throw away books as I was getting stressed about what he should /shouldn't be able to do

ALongTimeComing Sun 22-Nov-15 06:16:41

Mine sat up unaided at 4.5 months but didn't roll until 7 months. Bags would get 80% of the way there then just give up. My friends back the same age was the opposite, another friends baby was similar to mine. Seriously don't worry.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sun 22-Nov-15 06:31:34

By the way I know a lot of 4 month old babies who don't roll, I didn't think it was at all unusual at that age?

waitingforsomething Sun 22-Nov-15 06:41:30

My baby DS is 4 months old and he can roll only as far as his side and he clumsily reaches for objects. Also late to smile. I'm not a jot worried because he's my 2nd. My dd could also do nothing much at 4 months. She rolled at 5, sat unaided at 6.5, crawled at 7 and walked at 11! For some babies it takes a bit longer but he sounds totally normal

cathpip Sun 22-Nov-15 07:01:00

All the developmental advice is just rough guidelines, all babies develop at different rates. Dc1 hated tummy time and never rolled over ever but was sitting unaided by 5.5 months, dc3 rolled over at 8 weeks and loved tummy time so much that trying to get him sitting unaided was impossible as he kept flipping onto his tummy, so he was 8 months before he could sit properly! Your ds will reach his milestones in his own time, just sit back and enjoy him.

CheersBigEars1 Mon 23-Nov-15 09:51:19

Just for comparison my 4 month old isn't remotely interested in tummy time and certainly can't roll over or anything like it. He also isn't sitting up or even holding his head consistently, it is rather on the big side! He totally face plants on his front so I don't really bother with it yet. As for grabbing, on a good day he can sometimes grab things but in no way consistently and doesn't know what to do with a rattle or toy.

He's a cheery wee chappy though and to be honest I hadn't given it a second thought until I read your post. I reckon any developmental milestones have to be really broad as all babies are so different as illustrated by the posters above. As long as DS is smiling, responding and contented (most of the time!) I'm happy. Like someone else said I'm just enjoying the cuddles and hope you can too x

CupofBoo Wed 25-Nov-15 00:32:56

My DS face planted at 4 months and then .mastered crawling completely by 6. Don't worry! In their own time (which will surprise you!)

magpie17 Wed 25-Nov-15 10:41:51

Thank you so much for the responses! It's good to know that babies this age seem to have a range of abilities, the ones I know seem to all be rather advanced (either that or the mums are exaggerating - I have never seen the alleged sitting up/rolling over for myself!).

DS is a really happy baby and I am enjoying him so much, it's just hard not to worry that you are doing things wrong or he is not developing 'properly' or fast enough.

BarbarianMum Wed 25-Nov-15 12:09:56

yOU SHOULD FIND THAT HIS SUCCESS RATE AT GRABING WHAT HE WANTS (oops sorry!) improves quite quickly (over the next couple of months). If it doesn't, you could consider getting his eyesight checked.

AlmaMartyr Wed 25-Nov-15 12:29:51

Totally normal, please don't worry. My DD didn't roll over at all really and she is totally 100% fine. Just wasn't interested. They really do all develop so differently.

hartmel Fri 27-Nov-15 05:17:14

Ds1 only started rolling at around 11 month. He hated tummy time. He is now 2.2 years old and still hates it. He didn't crawl. He bump shoveled and started walking at 14 month
DD was the complete opposite she could sit by herself at age 4 month and rolled over and crawled at 6.5 month. Started walking 3 days before her first birthday..

Every child is different.

Oh and grasping for toys. Same thing, DS wasn't really interested in toys, still isn't. Where as DD loves toys since she was 3 month and tried grabbing them
So I have two kids but there development is totally different

Just enjoy your baby.

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