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5 Year old Not Coping Well With Changes at School

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MigGril Mon 16-Nov-15 09:56:44

Hi I’m after some advice; my just turned 5 DS who’s in reception is having a few problems. At first I thought he’d settled really well at school. I should say he has an older sister in the same school and went to school nursery so the environment was a very familiar one for him.

He seemed happy, but we had a letter home about the Christmas school dinners the other week and on that day they won’t be able to have cold lunch. He said he wanted to come home for lunch and not go to school that day. Last week was Children in need day, school do a go to school in your PE kit day and wear a silly hat; he was refusing to go on Friday. The only reason I got him there was by telling him we had to take his sister, I got the TA in his class to take him in. He clung to her though, they have been told they no longer need there PE kit as will be rehearsing for the school play instead. I’ve told him as though it was best that he know, he now wants to stay at home with me. Which isn’t happening but is going to make getting him to school stressful and he’s never been easy to get ready in the mornings as it is.

I’ve made an appointment to see his teacher tomorrow, he was quite happy before this. Although when I think about it has never been that good at copping with a lot of change. But all the things my DD gets excited about doing at school seem to be putting him off going.

Anyone have this problem before or got any good suggestions, he’s totally un-bribebly by the way always had been. We couldn’t use bribery to potty train was very late to do so or anything else and was a late talker to but seems quite bright and they were happy with how he had settled when we had parents evening and his progress to.

smearedinfood Mon 16-Nov-15 13:04:18

Could this be a bit of separation anxiety? He doesn't really have a choice about going as he's now 5.

My DS tells me all sorts of things that he doesn't like play time etc, but when I sneak a peek through the school gate he looks fine. But yeah, there are kids who hit etc, so you have to talk to him about what he should do and how to cope.

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